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Henna Made Easy

LifeArt Mehndi Mud is well known by henna professionals to be safe and effective. Our henna paste is hand crafted in small batches to insure the best possible results. This starts with premium henna powder. We import our powder from small farms in Rajasthan India. It is triple sifted to insure a smooth texture. We mix the henna with fresh squeezed  organic lemons and add organic soap grade eucaluptus oil. A small amount of food preservative is then added to kill any harmful bacteria. Thats it ! Our auyervedic mixing process is what sets us apart. Simple ingredients and lots of experience.

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Mehndi Mud comes ready to use in 2 oz applicator bottles with choice of different tips. One two oz bottle will cover the the area equivalent to two eight and a half by eleven sheets of paper with small designs. With MUD there is no need for any additional products. Just leave it on the skin for one hour and enjoy an ten day stain. When the henna is first squeezed out of the bottle is appears green in color but as it drys on the skin it turns dark and looks black. When it is thoroughly dry it flakes off and leaves a bright pumpkin orange stain. During the next twenty four to forty eight hours it darkens to a mahogany brown and most parts of the body. The knees down and the elbows down are the easiest parts of the body to stain. Other areas may require a second coat to get the desired effect.  Call for any additional questions.

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