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Mehndi Mandala Blessing Cards

Our Story

It all began with our customers, henna artists, who became aware of the subtle nature behind the obvious when painting henna. Their customers were wondering the same. Over the next decade of conversations and practice this deck surfaced as a way of communicating and understanding its underlying blessings. Mehndi Mandala Blessing Cards merge the Ancient Arts of Henna Painting, Mandala Construction, Pranic Energy, and Archetypal Symbols.The basics are outlined in a small companion booklet which lays down  a framework for further study. The instructions show how these subjects are interrelated and make it easy to explore with confidence and insight. Mehndi Mandalas are best understood through thoughtful practice and experience.

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 Mandala Cards

Featured Showcase

Discover the world of sacred circles and the meanings within. Mehndi Mandala Blessing cards open a window into the world of symbols and how they effect us. Mandalas have been used for thousands of years to bring inner order to the subconscious mind. These blessing cards are a tool used in understanding and creating such mandalas.  The mandala deck comes complete with Instruction Booklet and three of each of the eighteen symbol cards . All Original art and divining system make this first edition deck rare and collectable.

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Mandala Blessing Cards: Featured Product

Reading the Cards

During a reading three mandalas are divined. The past Mandala, The Future Mandala and the complete Mandala that combines the two. The Mandalas can be drawn with henna on the client or be made into drawings and paintings.

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Mandala Blessing Cards: Portfolio

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Mandala Blessing Cards: Portfolio
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