All about Henna

Lawsonia Enermis

  •      Let me preface this with what I have learned about henna. The term "henna" can be used to describe any botanical plant that is used for cosmetics. So when referring to the henna for skin dye its called "Henna Mehndi" or Mehandi or Mendi. There are many different ways to spell it throughout the world. But it is very specific. This can be very confusing when going into a market to buy mehndi. This is a subject that most people are never exposed. So it is best to be educated somewhat before attempting to find what you need at a grocery.                           When getting henna for the hair the mother plant, or red henna, lawsonia enermis may be used. However the plant is harvested quite differently, and mixed with other botanicals for the desired colors. These other plants, such as Indigo, may dye the hair but not the skin. Neutral Henna is a hair conditioner.  The whole plant is utilized, stems and branches.  In mo Also, not sifted. When the plant is harvested for Mehndi, only the leaves are used, the tips having the greatest concentration of dye.