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All About MUD

Mehndi MUD henna paste is hand-crafted from the finest natural ingredients available. Made with organic lemons, soap grade organic eucalyptus oil and fresh triple-sifted henna powder. Our special auyervedic mixing process produces a smooth, creamy paste that is gentle on the skin. MUD has a rich mahogany  brown stain and a earthy fragrance that has made it a favorite among  busy henna artists since 1996.


Although no special preparation is essential, we suggest cleaning the area of the skin where the henna design is to be applied. A combination of  three parts plain water and one part lemon juice works best to remove most lotions. Sunscreens can be especially stubborn. It is worth the extra effort to make sure that the skin is free from any soap or lotion residue. Not thoroughly cleaning the skin is a common mistake resulting in a much lighter stain. 

Drawing with MUD is similar to decorating a cake. Getting painted with henna is completely painless and has a refreshing effect on the body . The person receiving the henna should be in a comfortable position so they can sit  as still as possible. The henna first appears green ( it is made from the leaves of the lawsonia enermis plant) and sits on top of the skin. The dye soaks into the skin and takes about an hour to absorb into the skin and dry. After drying it appears almost black and cracks and flakes off the skin. The stain that it leaves behind first appears a pumpkin orange in color. It is important to let the paste flake off on its own or gently scrape the henna off the skin. Do not expose the fresh henna tattoo to water for twenty-four hours. The orange design slowly darkens into a rich brown on most parts of the body over the next forty eight hours. Prolonged bathing will lessen the effect of the dye. MUD requires no additional sprays or sealers. Henna designs may be carefully wrapped with cotton gauze to help protect and keep the henna on the skin for longer periods of time . Keeping the paste on , such as overnight, will make it last longer. 

To help protect the henna design, before bathing apply a small amount of vegetable based oil, such as olive or coconut oil,  over the tattoo. This will protect it from soaps. Mineral based oils and soaps will lift the henna dye from the skin. With proper care the henna tattoo can last up to a month! The average being seven to ten days after leaving the henna on the skin for one hour. 

The pictures on either side and above are examples of the henna in process. The henna MUD comes out of the bottle a dark green like the leaves and turns black as it dries then flakes off to reveal a bright pumpkin orange color. The orange color deepens into a rich mahogany brown over a twenty four hour period. 

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