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Home of Mehndi MUD Authentic Hand-Crafted Henna Paste, Mandala Blessing Cards, White Swan Jewelry

Welcome!  If you're new to henna or a seasoned professional, here at LifeArt we are here to help with all your henna needs.  LifeArt takes the guesswork out of mixing henna.  Mehndi MUD pre-mix henna paste is ready to go when it arrives at your door. Each batch is tested  for color and consistency before it ships to ensure a beautiful henna tattoo. Authentic and all natural!


 Our original Mehndi MUD premiered on the internet in 1996, making us the first Henna Body Art company on the internet! We take great care to provide the best henna products and customer service. We are always here for all your henna needs large or small.  Along with our Mehndi MUD we also make White Swan Beaded Jewelry  ( micro-macrame) and Mehndi Mandala Blessing Cards.  Follow our links to learn more about these products. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. 


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