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Authors Forward

In 1995 lawsonia inermis took over my world. This bush-like shrub from Rajasthan yields a red dye that is my life blood. As a henna artist and the manufacturer of Mehndi Mud Henna Paste, I created these Mandala Cards to give meaning and form to the designs for those who practice this art. Although this deck was created with the henna artist in mind, they can also be used in more traditional types of readings that don't require making a mandala at all. The symbols speak for themselves.                                                                                                                

Using archetypal symbols, Mehndi Mandala Blessing Cards communicate intuitively with the unseen world that surrounds us, lives within us and heals us. They bestow blessings silently in an ancient and sacred language awakening a reality that is mysteriously human.


Mandala's are defined as circles, squares and other shapes that radiate from a central point forming intricate patterns and diagrams. Traditionally Mandala's are fixed by ritual and are used as visual objects of meditation and contemplation these Mandala's are called Yantra's. True Mandala's are experienced in the subconscious where there are no words to express thoughts, bringing inner-order to confusion. 


Thanks to all of you who selflessly listened to me and shared your insights. Without you I never would have taken up this challenge.