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White Swan Beaded Jewelry is hand-made beaded jewelry created by me, Janet Tierney. You may know me from my beading school, which was on the internet from 1996 until 2006. I had students from around the world which was really cool because before the internet it was impossible to reach so many. Micro Macrame is a term that i came up with for the search engine. It describes basically the way that the jewelry is made, knots and lots of knots. Macrame is particularly adapted to beadwork because it is easy to thread beads into it whereas tatting or crochet has one long continuous string.  I have been busy creating custom work mostly, but this year I have decided to get back to selling at a few art festivals. I miss the fun of meeting other artists and reacting with the public. Early next year i will publish my book.  Check out my gallery and I will be putting some items for sale in our store here at lifeart.us. and I will keep you posted where I will be.