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LifeArt Productions

LifeArt started out as a video production company specializing in Yoga videos. Our in house Yoga instructor, father, husband and web-master Matt passed away in 2004. Matt's "Yoga for the General Public" streamed over the web worldwide for free and was much loved and appreciated around the world. We miss him, but he is here in spirit.  Janet and his beloved daughter Rosemary continue LifeArt with their dreams and visions, This web-site is a reflection of some their endeavors. 


Matt Wall 1957-2004

Mehndi MUD

LifeArt has been manufacturing Mehndi MUD non-stop since 1996.As a small family business we take pride in our products and take time with our customers. Janet and Rosemary are here to help with any of your orders either by email or phone. Below are scenes from our first henna booth in Long Beach CA and our first web-site. 


Beautiful Santa Catalina Island home base of LifeArt for a decade!

White Swan Jewelry

Janet Tierney, owner of LifeArt, is the maker of White Swan Beaded Jewelry. "White Swan School of Beading" was on the web from 1996 until 2005. Her students joined world-wide to learn her original micro-macrame technique. We are offering her jewelry exclusively here at lifeart.us. The book is still in the works...getting very close!


Mehndi Mandala Blessing Cards, or Mandala Tarot, has been in the works since LifeArt first started. Henna artists are often asked what the meanings behind the symbols that is traditionally used in what now is commonly known as "henna" art.  The companion book that accompanies the cards explains in simple terms the use of symbols. This complicated subject is made simple, and using the cards a very natural way of creating meaningful images.

While painting henna I realized that there was more than a temporary tattoo taking shape, there was a transformation taking place.  It was the unseen world being transformed. I spent many long hours discussing this phenomenon with anyone who would listen, but what I found was it was my MUD customers sharing with me similar experiences. So these cards were born from our conversations.  They will be available this fall.